Telangana State Police, Fleet Management System

Telangana State Police
Fleet Management System

"I am happy to announce the introduction of Telangana State Police’s very own fleet management system: POLICE BANDI - an all-inclusive, one-stop platform that will integrate all the processes of its fleet operations, such as management of MT pool, fuel dispensation, preventive maintenance & servicing, and major & minor aggregates while exemplifying the vision of uniform service delivery throughout the state's police unit's MT wings.

I am confident that this novel innovation will impact policing and its logistics, positively.”

- Ravi Gupta, IPS, D.G.P.(HoPF), TS., Hyd.

“POLICE BANDI has been introduced by the Police Transport Organisation for the use of all the MT wings, and police vehicle user officers of the T.S. police department as a first-of-its-kind fleet management software with an integrated and innovative mobile application that aims to track, maintain, analyze, and improve all fleet operations while centralising fuel dispensation and technical store inventory management that will bring in transparency and augment vehicle upkeep which will further serve in improved policing.

- M Ramesh, IPS., I.G.P. (P&L), HFAC of PTO, TS, Hyd.